DESCRIPTION: 2 egg-cardboard box, pre-glued.

MATERIAL: Recycled white/white food cardboard box.

GRAMMAGE: 300 gm / m²; weight gm. 23

PRINT: 4 colors front / back

COATING: Front: * UV gloss; back: acrylic

Pieces per package: 1,040


CARDBOARD: Certified ISEGA. Suitable for dry foods in agreement with Article. 27a of D.M. 21/03/73 and subsequent amendments and additions.

INKS: low migration inks for production of primary food packaging.

In agreement with the REG. CE 1935/2004.

ACRYLIC PAINT: low migration inks for primary food packaging. Conforms to REG. EC 1935/2004.

UV VARNISH: Made without the following photo initiators:

Benzophenone, 4-Methylbenzofenone, ITX.

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